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Chart of Accounts Review

Chart of Accounts Review for business owners

Accounting Services - Chart of Accounts Review

We can help clean up your chart of accounts!

Ohler Bookkeeping provides an Account Review for your business

We provide a full review of the chart of accounts. Our firm can assist new start up businesses with account creation or help established owners clean up and review their current accounts. We will help businesses create a much cleaner and precise list of accounts in Quickbooks, which will help drive a better result when running reports in the reports center. The process of reviewing the accounts can help businesses owners see a better result when printing and running the financial statements, since this drives how the financial statements are presented.

Some of the most common mistakes business owners do when creating their accounts is to duplicate accounts or create too many accounts. Most of the time accounts can be merged together to create one account, which allows for a much cleaner account setup. Also most accounts will be created over time or as your company grows so start simple and if you need to add accounts then add as needed. It is better not to over complicate your account system when you first create your company setup. Please give us a call discuss how we can help create a more efficient Chart of accounts for your business.

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