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Setup for your Bookkeeping software

Setup for Quickbooks for both individuals and business owners

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Ohler Bookkeeping can help set up for Quickbooks!

Ohler Bookkeeping provides Quickbooks Company setup for business owners.

The setup can vary depending on the type of business. Please contact us to discuss how Ohler Bookkeeping can assist with the setup.

There is some required information to start the process, so please click on the link to access our setup form and have it filled out and ready for us to review so we can be ready to get started. CLICK HERE to access our company setup form.

The first piece of information is the Company name. It is important that you get your legal Company name in the form. When we prepare all financials and other reports from Quickbooks this Legal name will appear on every statement prepared in Quickbooks. The second piece of information on the form is the industry or type of business you own. The reason this is important is that Quickbooks will structure you chart of accounts based on the type of business you input in this part of the setup process. You can always go into the chart of accounts and adjust the accouts as necessary, but if this will save time. Next is the tax ID number, if you are a sole proprietor you can use your social security number, however, it is always a good idea as a business owner to get a federal ID number for your business. Business address, Business email, and website are not required on the setup form.

Once the company file is setup it is always normal to adjust accounts as your company grows. We can help you manage the changes that occur over the course of your business operations and help you continue to manage and adjust your Quickbooks file along the way. We also can help your company do a Quickbooks cleanup. Sometimes Quickbooks company files and chart of accounts can get a little too detailed. Typically we can help you condense your chart of accounts, vendors, customers, and item lists. All these help drive how the reports are structured in the report center. Sometimes overlooked in a Quickbooks cleanup is that duplicate entries can occur in a file. Most common are duplicate expense accounts that can be merged and consolidated. Vendors and Customer duplications can also occur, typically this can happen if a vendor or customer has a change of address, just as an example. We can help simplify and consolidate your file to create a much cleaner financial statement for the tax preparer. Please call or email and setup a Quickbooks cleanup for you business.