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Payroll services for business owners

Payroll Services

We can help manage your payroll!

Business owners are extremely busy running the operations of the business and having a reliable outsourced service is vital to the operations of any business big or small. See below for a guided tour of the payroll services, useful links, enrollment forms, and for businesses already enrolled a login for both employees and administrators.

Our firm highly recommends using a third party payroll provider. There is a lot of detail involved in processing payroll and it is very importatnt that the process is smooth and on schedule. Third party providers are very specialized in what they do and can also help if any payroll tax issues arise durning the course of processing your payroll. It can be more costly to a small business if they try to run the payroll by themselves. Our firm can help manage the payroll process and help your business post payroll entries in Quickbooks.

Why Choose an Outsourced payroll service:

Employment laws and payroll taxes are constantly changing and can be very difficult for a business owner to stay on top of. Business owners have enough on their plate, so outsourcing the payroll will help mangers keep up with the changing regulations and laws. Most web based payroll providers will send email notifications of changing laws and how they effect your business.

Some of the services an outsourced payroll services provider can provide:

Tax Law Changes: The payroll provider will typically send notifications of changes to the federal, state and local tax laws that effect your business.

IRS Reporting: Businesses are required to file quarterly tax returns and these outsourced payroll services will file and prepare these returns for your business and provide you with the appropriate backup.

End of Year Reporting: Business owners will sometimes hire 1099 contractors to do subcontracted labor. Most outsourced payroll services will help you preapre the appropriate 1096 and 1099 forms. Also, they will handle all W2 processing and end of year federal, state, and local filing to make sure your business is in compliance.

The payroll process is one of the most important parts of handling the day to day of the business and Ohler bookkeeping can help your business manage the payroll process.